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Attic Insulation is one of the most cost effective ways to save energy and keep more money in your pocket. Using a professional attic insulation contractor for your blown in attic insulation is quick, clean and easy! Let Attic Insulators of Jacksonville, Florida help you save money today! just call us at 904 710-2517 or use our contact form by clicking here.

  •  Why Insulate Your Attic?

    Immediate energy savigs of up to 20-30% may be acheived with attic Insulation. Insulating your attic with Owens Corning's PROPINK® PINK™ FIBERGLAS® Insulation -  has outstanding thermal resistance for maximum energy savings.

    Homeowners prefer PROPINK® PINK™ FIBERGLAS® Insulation because it maintains insulating power over time. Since fiber glass does not absorb moisture, PINK™ insulation will not hold water, preventing permanent loss of R-value. When properly installed, PROPINK® PINK™ FIBERGLAS® insulation will not settle or deteriorate to maintain insulating value.

    Safe for any environment, PROPINK® PINK™ FIBERGLAS® Insulation is non-combustible, GREENGUARD Indoor Air Quality Certified(sm), and contains over 70% recycled content.* Designed for blowing application using commercial pneumatic equipment , PROPINK® PINK™ FIBERGLAS® Blown Insulation will keep attics warm year over year.

  • Why Use Blown Fiberglas® Attic Insulation over Foam?

Both Fiberglas and Foam provide excellent insulating abilities but the primary goal for the homeowner is to keep a clear separation between indoor air and outside air.  The price point for blown insulation is much lower so unless you plan to inhabit your attic, blown in insulation is probably for you.

One downside to foam many overlook is that it prevents you from seeing if you have any roof leaks; in fact the homeowner may have near roof failure before realizing that there is an issue resulting in many hundreds if not thousands of dollars in additional expense when replacing their roof and additional expense to replace the foam that was attached to these members.

  • What About Energy Saving Rebates?

    Attic Insulators of Jacksonville is recognized by JEA (Jacksonville Electrical Authority) as a Preferred Insulation Contractor. Click on the Picture Below to visit the website and learn more about the rebates you may receive by adding blown in attic insulation to your home.
    View JEA's Investsmart rebate program for Attic Insulation